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Greening Humanity: Science, innovation, ethics and the green economy

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Invited speakers

The following speakers/panelists are confirmed:

  • Professor Nicholas Ashford (Technology and Policy Law)
  • Professor Emilios Avgouleas (International Financial Law)
  • Professor Dan Brock (Medical Ethics)
  • Professor George Christie (Law)
  • Professor Inez De Beaufort (Health Care and Medical Ethics)
  • Professor Spyros Flogaitis (Public Law)
  • Dr David Hall-Matthews (International Development)
  • Professor John Harris (Biomedical Ethics)
  • Teresa Hitchcock (Safety Health and Environment)
  • Stephen Hockman QC (Environmental and Planning Law)
  • Vassiliki Karageorgou (Environmental and Energy Law)
  • Dr Maria Kokozidou (Research Scientist)
  • Dr Mihail Kritikos (Ethical Governance of Research and Innovation)
  • Professor Sir Peter Lachmann (Medicine)
  • Dr Elpidophoros Lambriniadis (TBC, EF)
  • Dr Annabelle Lever (Philosophy and Public Policy)
  • Professor Linda Nielsen (Bio-law)
  • Ms Lisbeth Nielsen (Environmental Ethics)
  • Dr Christos Pitelis (Global Economic Governance / Sustainable Development)
  • Professor Herakles Polemarchakis (Ethics of Science, Economics)
  • Dr Catherine Rhodes (Ethics of Science)
  • Professor John Sulston (Science and Biomedical Ethics)
  • Professor Yiannis Varoufakis (Economics)