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Science Ethics Institute to join in addressing research Grand Challenges

iSEI is to join the Faculty of Life Sciences from the August 2012. The work of iSEI is conducted within the context of current and future trends in life sciences, and involves ‘bench-scientists’ as much as those with backgrounds in ethics, law, philosophy and governance. An excellent example of this is iSEI’s recent public panel on ‘Human Bodies: Animal Bodies’.

Joining Life Sciences

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Wellcome Strategic Programme

iSEI is pleased to announce the Wellcome Strategic Programme on The Human Body, its Scope, Limits and Future. See Wellcome Strategic Programme for more details.

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Research areas

Four broad areas: What is Science For? ¦ Who Owns Science? ¦ How Should Science be Used? ¦ Ethics of Emerging Technologies

Fifteen defined subjects: Our research topics

We are in the process of updating this section. In the meantime, please contact us with any questions about our areas of work.

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Resources: Who Owns Science?

View the agenda-setting Public lectures and read the draft "Statement of the Problem" from our launch meeting Who Owns Science?